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Kids classes

Our unique Kids and youth classes are designed to teach students far more than just how to kick and punch. Discipline, attitude and effort are the strong foundations of children becoming successful in life as well as martial arts.

These classes provide an age-specific curriculum designed to teach our youngest students, in a fun and exciting environment. Using martial arts games and drills our kids learn without knowing it, as we make learning fun and educational to teach them discipline through our traditional Korean Martial arts practice.


You can book a free trial class for available spots however a lot of our classes are now full. You can fill out the form below to be added to our waiting list and will be contacted as as as soon as a space becomes available. 

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Monday 5pm-5.55pm (only 2 spaces left)

Tuesday 6pm-6-55pm mixed ages (full) 

Wednesday 4pm-4-50pm age 5-7 (only 2 spaces left)

Thursday 5pm-5.50pm mixed ages (full)

Thursday 6pm-6.50pm mixed ages (full)

Saturday 10am-10.45am age 5-7 (only 3 spaces left)


Monday 6pm-6.50pm (only 2 spaces)

Tuesday 6pm-7pm mixed ages (full)

Wednesday 5pm-5-50pm age 8-13 (full)

Thursday 5pm-5.50pm mixed ages (full)

Thursday 6pm-6.50pm mixed ages (full)

Saturday 1050am-11.45am age 8-13 (full)

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Thanks for submitting!

You can expect your child to develop many skills such as:

✅ Fitness 

✅ Focus

✅ Memory

✅ Respect

✅ Manners

✅ Balance

✅ Discipline

✅ Good listening skills 

✅ Greater attention span 
✅ Confidence 

Your child will learn all of this whilst keeping active and learning self-defence and awareness so they can enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. Parents frequently speak of the effects our martial arts training has on the child’s self-esteem, school performance and general attitude. To book an intro class for free just click below. 

Our martial art can be a lifelong pursuit that will provide children with an unsurpassed knowledge, respect and discipline that can be passed down to following generations. Every student is encouraged to work hard to succeed and will be treated equally in a stress free, fun and friendly environment.

Our kids classes are not a child minding service, our ultimate goal is to teach martial art skills that will influence their future.

Our young students will grow to become respectable, confident and hard working members of society.   

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