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Some of our classes are full, if your preferred session is not available you can add your name to our waiting list by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and you will be notified as soon as a spot becomes available. 


We are a professional school teaching traditional Korean Martial arts in Perth and look forward to meeting you. During training you will learn self-defense and martial arts etiquette and respect. You will be taught body conditioning and co-ordination exercises, stances, hand and foot strikes, throwing and falling techniques, joint locks & pressure point techniques, forms, acrobatics, weaponry and meditation. Our head instructor SBN Richard with over 19 years experience, along with his assistant instructors will guide you every step of the way.

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Monday 7pm Beginners & Mixed belts

Tuesday 7pm mixed belts

Tuesday 8pm Black belt

Wednesday 7pm Beginners & Mixed belts


Wednesday 8pm open session mixed belts

Thursday 7pm Beginners & Mixed belts

Saturday 11.45am - 1pm mixed belts

OAP (comming soon)

Day sessions (comming soon)

Pre school kids class Perth martial arts.jpg

Tiny Tigers

Preschool class age 3-4

Tuesday 5pm

Perth martial arts kids classes


Monday 5pm-5.55pm (full)

Tuesday 6pm-6-55 mixed ages

Wednesday 4pm-4-50pm age 5-7

Thursday 5pm-5.55pm age 5-7


Thursday 6pm-6.55pm mixed ages (full)

Saturday 10am-10.45am age 5-7 (almost full)

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Women Self Defence

Womens self defense and fitness course, coming soon, message us for details!

One to One private lessons or self defense lessons (appointment only) Message for details or whatsapp Richard on 07912978096

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Monday 6pm-6.55pm one space)

Tuesday 6pm-6-55pm mixed ages

Wednesday 5pm-5-55pm age 8-13 (full)

Thursday 5pm-5.55pm mixed ages (almost full)


Thursday 6pm-6.55pm mixed ages (one space)

Saturday 1050am-11.45am age 8-13 (almost full)

SBN Richard Steel traditional martial arts Perth United Mirae Kuk Sool.jpg

Other Sessions

Yoga Wednesday 6pm/Thursday 8pm


Self defense courses

Weapons workshops

Kids camps

One to one private lessons

Corporate self deference sessions


Select class of interest

Thanks for submitting!

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