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4 week online Beginner course


FREE access

to our martial fitness and conditioning class

All for only £19.99 

Our martial art classes are great for improving your fitness and all round mental and physical well-being, giving you a focus to develop in a positive and encouraging environment. 


This 4 week course is an amazing introduction to help you reach achievable goals but to inspire you to go beyond them. 

You will work to your current abilities with no pressure and gradually improve fitness, strength and grow in confidence. Challenge yourself and overcome any doubts you may have. 


✅  Get fit

✅  Lose weight

✅  Increase flexibility
✅  Make new friends
✅  Be healthier
✅  Be more positive
✅  Have more energy 
✅  Feel more relaxed
✅  Be happy 
✅  Relieve stress


Where and when?
This 4 week course starts at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd July and will run every Wednesday with the last session on 12th August. Each session will run for approximately 40 minutes . There are only 10 available places and all classes will take place live online via Zoom. Once you book your place you will be given details on how to join the class and you will also have Free access to our live martial fitness and conditioning class every Thursday evening.


What will I expect in a beginner session? 

We will start every class with our traditional warm up which includes various stretching and joint movement exercises helping you feel great before we even begin. We will then work through some aspects of the Kuk Sool syllabus including the first parts or our beginner form (connected movement) and there will also be cardiovascular and body conditioning exercises as well as a mixture of techniqhes, hand strikes and kicking drills. Classes will be fun and you will be encouraged to try your best but have a focus on yourself. You will feel an increase in energy levels and feel more motivated with a changed mind set that you can apply to your everyday life.

How do I book?

To book your place simply click the tab below and you will be directed to the payment page. You will receive a confirmation email after successful payment and secure your place for this course. Instructions on how to join our online class will also be sent with another reminder email the day before our course starts. 


*This course is only available for people who have not attended any classes previously at Kuk Sool Won of Perth. If you have any medical conditions that we should know about you must give us details in the contact box on the booking page.

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